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Weekend trips
       Rafting down River Seya

        Travels in rowing boats and special craft on the rivers are a remarkable kind of productive leisure, leaving lots of positive impressions. Our tourist route follows down one of the most remarkable rivers of the Amur Region - the Zeya. The route begins from "Mukhinka" - the most beautiful resort quite unique in its nature. The party of travelers are being delivered by a minibus there. Here the tourists themselves assemble their water crafts, load provisions, drinks and a water adventure begins. The first encampment for the night is arranged on on the left bank of the one mile wide Zeya, opposite to a camp site of the "Faust " company. The place bordering a wood along a sandy beach is quite convenient , one can take sun, bathe, play outdoor games, go fishing. The scenery is nice, well aired, therefore few mosquitoes risk to show up there.
        On the next day the group travels down the river and halts for a big rest at noon, while again enjoying bathing, hot sun, playing outdoor games, a meal is being cooked on a bonfire. The night camp is pitched this evening near the place called the Astrakhan Meadows, on a sandy beach among sparse willow bushes.
        The party approaches the City of Blagoveshchensk on the next day approximately by 4-5 p.m. and by a minibus is taken back to the central office.
Navigation crafts PSN (inflatable salvation raft); canoes or catamarans are available.
The minimum quota of participants amounts to 4 men
Price for the tour 1500 rubles per person, transfer, provision, instructors services and business calculation included.
        The "Horizon-Extreme" supplies with all of the nessesary outfit and equipment, crafts, and life vests, tents, watertight sacks, kettles, cooking appliances and so on, tourists take along only their own personnal stuff according to the list.

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