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List of navigable rivers


Salokachi this is a river in the Amur Region the left tributory of River Arkhara. The trip takes about 10 days. Beautiful sceneries. (pictures in our Gallery)

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      Taking rise from a little mountain lake between the Mountain Ridges of Yam-Alin and Ezop and joining The Zeya from the left, Selemdzha is River Zeya largest tributory. Its length is 647 km, the river basin area comprising 68 600 square km, annual mean rate of discharge is 684 m3/sec. In its upper course the river passes over a mountain valley, its swift current among rapids amounts to 6 m/sec. The mountain valley stretches up to Stoiba gradually spreading and ending near Selemdzhinsk.

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      In water abundance exceding the Amur it is meant as its largest tributory. Rising on the southern slopes of the Stanovoy Range 1680 m above the sea-level it joins the Amur at Blagoveshchensk. Relative short in course - 1242 km its basin area makes up to 233000 sq.km. In its alpine upper course the Zeya is a swift tumbling mountainous stream abounding in rocky rapids and cataracts, but upon receiving the Selemdzha it becomes a quiet river rolling among numerous sandy spits and bars. Touristic routes on rowing vessels start at Malaya Sazanka, Novo-Petrovka, or Mukhinka. Catamarans, inflatable boats, balsas, rafts and canoes are used.

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      Route: Blagoveshchensk -Khabarovsk-Dalnyegorsk - Tirney-Urochishche - Yasnaya Polyana-River Kema- Danyegorsk - Khabarovsk - Blagoveshchensk
      River Kema flows over the northern part of the Primorsky Kray in the Tirney District , rising on the eastern slopes of the Sikhote-Alin Range about 1000 m above sea-level and empties into the Sea of Japan near the Settlement of Velikaya Kema. The passes through a deep densly forested steep-sided gorge with plentiful rocky outcrops. All the way along its 150 km course there are abundant cataracts and rapids. River Kema is the most popular in the Far East among the white water tourists.
      The route consists of two parts - of the 2000 km automobile transfer and the downriver rafting. By car from Blagoveshchensk over Khabarovsk up to Dalnyegorsk, further over the settlement of Tirney tourists arrive at the place called Yasnaya Polyana on the Kema and pitch their first base camp.
The trip lasts - 10 days. Rafting vessels - catamarans.

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